BRAMPTON, BATTLE 905 flourished into a multi-day event that promoted both the game of basketball and soccer by providing an opportunity for people of any age, gender and cultural background a safe space to play. A tournament offering indoor and outdoor competitions following FIBA and FIFA rules with certified referees overseeing all the games. It also includes skills competitions, celebrity slam dunk competitions and youth activities. It highlights team play, sportsmanship, camaraderie and a spirit of togetherness.
IN 2022 – The event coincided with Canada day weekend and included Canada day celebrations that showcased the country‚Äôs cultural mosaic with performances from local and international artists as well as several food trucks that offer a variety of culinary dishes. Stay tuned for what’s next in Brampton!
Battle 905 was and continues to be supported and endorsed by Mayor Patrick Brown and City Councillor Rowena Santos.